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Parents in Kitchen with teenager

Parents Deserve Support, Too!

Ever wonder why the teen you love so much
can sometimes make you so angry?

It's no secret. Living with a teen can be overwhelming, exhausting, and at times infuriating. It’s painful just watching your kids struggle to understand themselves! It seems impossible to keep kids safe from their own impulsive and risky behavior, much less from the chaos right outside your front door. Without proper support, parents can feel confused, alone, and helpless. Even the most well-intentioned parents can end up just making things worse, driving their teens further away.


Parenting need not be

so overwhelming.


As I’ve done with many other parents, I can help you discover the effective, but elusive, ways to understand your teenager and minimize the intense battles caused by a teen's natural instincts, so you can connect with your kids and finally live the fulfilling, meaningful life you hoped for when decided to start a family.


Why wait until things 

get really bad?


If your family needs support, I see clients in person at my West Hollywood / Beverly Hills office, or online anywhere in California. ​The initial phone consult is confidential, easy to set up, and free.

3 simple steps point you to relief

1. Schedule a call

Choose a convenient time for a free 15-minute, no-pressure phone consultation.

2. Get Help 

I help you make a plan to understand the unconscious blocks that have been keeping you from your best life.  

3. Discover Freedom

We find the best ways to get unstuck so you can start enjoying the life you deserve.

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