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A Message For Teens Only

Isn't it annoying?
They tell you what to do, what to say, and even how to feel, but never ask what you want.

Teens tell me they’re freaked out, burnt out, and stressed out. Impossible demands are hurled at them every day. They don’t know who they are, but others have solid friends and plans set for graduation. Some feel lost, confused, and even much worse. Parents say they'll help. But they can’t. They never seem to listen.


It’s unfair

and messed up!


I won’t pretend to know anything about you. But I can take the time to seriously listen and, like with all my teen clients, earnestly attempt  to understand what it’s really like to be you, to help discover why it feels so bad for you right now and how you can finally start to feel better.

Don't believe me? Call and ask for yourself. The phone consult is private, easy, and free (seriously). If you want support, I see clients in person at my West Hollywood / Beverly Hills office, or online anywhere in California.

3 simple steps point you to relief

1. Schedule a call

Choose a convenient time for a free 15-minute, no-pressure phone consultation.

2. Get Help 

I help you make a plan to understand the unconscious blocks that have been keeping you from your best life.  

3. Discover Freedom

We find the best ways to get unstuck so you can start enjoying the life you deserve.

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