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Couples Therapy Los Angeles

Worried your relationship is drifting apart?

Things used to be so exciting and easy. Now nothing seems right. Maybe your days have become routine, you're arguing too much, there's been infidelity, or worse.


It's so frustrating!


You're both smart, passionate, and intuitive, but you still can't figure out what's wrong, and nothing you try seems to help.

Gay couple laughing and hugging
Happy Couple kissing in Nature

You both deserve better!

I'm delighted your search for couples therapy near me brought you here.

I'm a couples therapist who collaborates with you to discover effective ways the couple can break through communication gridlock and repair relationship ruptures to develop a deeper connection.

I Can Help

My goal for couples therapy is to help you get back to the fulfilling and successful life together you both deserve.

I provide couples therapy and marriage counseling in Los Angeles in person at my West Hollywood office. I also provide online couples counseling to anywhere in California.

Happy Couple Hugging Outdoors on Sunny Day

3 simple steps point you to relief

1. Schedule a call

Choose a convenient time for a free 15-minute, no-pressure phone consultation.

2. Get Help 

I help you make a plan to understand the unconscious blocks that have been keeping you from your best life.  

3. Discover Freedom

We find the best ways to get unstuck so you can start enjoying the life you deserve.

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