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Sex & Dating in an
Uncertain World


EST. 2023

logo Philip Lewis Therapy bringing real relief in reach

exclusive online

group therapy for gay men

Life shouldn’t be this hard

Do you sometimes...
  • Lack confidence?

  • Avoid simple social situations?

  • Struggle to express what you want?

  • Fail to take romantic risks?

  • Feel lonely even in a group?

  • Run screaming from intimacy?

  • Still love your narcissistic ex?

  • Use sex for validation?

Mixed race, gay man sitting on sofa

You deserve better!

Confidence, Connection, 
and Comfort are in Reach

This unique group therapy provides weekly guidance, support, and accountability to build greater confidence and  interpersonal connections. This enables you to break free from the toxic past and take back the meaningful life you deserve. It offers the typical benefits of a Yalom group therapy approach. But it's more than the typical peer-support or counseling groups.

Yes . . . you can do this!

Gay men couple

Why wait until it
gets really bad?

The Basics

Group Therapy Format

On-line group therapy / support


Weekly, Wednesdays

7:00pm – 8:30pm

Membership Limits

Gay Men in California


$50 per week 

group counseling membership

3 simple steps to real relief

1. Schedule a call

Choose a convenient time for a free 15-minute, no-pressure phone consult to learn about the benefits of the grouptherapy.

2. Apply to Join!

Start the screening process as soon as you're interested. Space is very limited. 

3. Find a better you

The unique group therapy activities help you find ways to get unstuck and start enjoying the life you deserve.

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