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Magnetic* Couples

  Support for Gay Men in
“Mixed” HIV Status Relationships

*Magnetic relationships are serodiscordant couples where one partner is HIV positive and the other is HIV negative.

Does Your Magnetic Relationship* Have Too Many Roadblocks?

For HIV negative partners:

  • Discovering your partner's HIV+ status can feel like an unexpected detour on your relationship journey.

  • It's common to experience a whirlwind of conflicting emotions: shock, fear, confusion, and betrayal.

  • You may feel alone and isolated.

  • You may even have considered leaving.

  • Misguided myths about HIV can impede intimacy.

  • You may not accurately understand sex and HIV transmission.

  • Some people erroneously anticipate needing to assume a caregiving role.

For HIV positive partners:

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  • Disclosing your HIV+ status often requires unbelievable strength and courage.

  • You may end up worrying your partner thinks less of you because of the disclosure.

  • You may even fear he’ll walk out the door and never come back.

  • An overabundance of caution may overshadow your intimate moments, and may even make you feel like stopping sex entirely.

  • Physical changes or medication side effects sometimes can make you feel unattractive.

  • The complex feelings may impact self-esteem, and make it difficult for you to fully show up for the close, romantic relationship you deserve with your partner.

*Magnetic relationships are serodiscordant couples where one partner is HIV positive and the other is HIV negative.

“Despite the fears you both may have, it is important for you to know that it is entirely possible for people with mixed HIV status to have great (and safe) sex and mutually-fulfilling relationships.”

Mindful Therapy Group

Rebuilding Connection
When HIV Status Drives You Apart

This unique therapy group provides weekly guidance, information, and a sense of shared responsibility exclusively for you and 2-3 other magnetic couples. It offers members the benefits of Yalom group therapy, as well as so much more than you might expect from typical counseling groups.


An experienced therapist guides you and other couples in group therapy activities. You work together to develop a community with safety and space for everyone to freely listen, learn, name their common struggles, and find meaningful support.

Why wait until it
gets really bad?

The group can be a powerful force for challenging misguided thought patterns and unhealthy behaviors that have been holding you back. You collaborate to debunk outdated myths and misconceptions about living with HIV, build confidence, and validate each other so you don’t feel so alone.


In time you can recharge the magnetism and rebuild connection so you can return to the fulfilling and successful life together you both deserve.

Gay men in relationship making dinner together

Yes, you can do this!

The Basics

Group Therapy Format

On-line group therapy, support & education



10 Week Series

Thursdays 7:00pm – 8:30pm

Membership Limits

3-4 couples  in California


$35 per couple, per week 

group counseling membership

3 simple steps to real relief

1. Schedule a call

Choose a convenient time for a free 15-minute, no-pressure phone consult to learn about the benefits of grouptherapy.

2. Apply to Join!

Start the screening process as soon as you're interested. Space is very limited. 

3. Find a better you

The unique group therapy activities help you find ways to get unstuck and start enjoying the life you deserve.


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