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Top 10 Reasons Why Group Therapy Is Awesome!

Updated: Apr 25

By Philip Lewis, MA, AMFT


Given the title of this post, it's no secret I favor using a group approach to psychotherapy.

But don't take my word for it! Read on to discover for yourself the many benefits of group therapy. I'm confident you'll be convinced. Once you are (or even if you're still not sure), feel free to contact me at the link below. I can help answer the question, "how do I find group therapy near me?"

Number 10 - Provides therapy to humans in their natural habitat. In short, humans are pack animals, wired to seek out interpersonal relationships. How we develop intellectually, socially, and emotionally, as well as our overall sense of well-being depends heavily on the strength of our social connections with other people.

Number 9 - “I never knew that”! In a group you can ask for real feedback in real time from real people just like you. This helps you discover the subtle, self-defeating things you had no idea you do that pushes people away.

Number 8 - Universality is … well … universal. Learning others face similar challenges can help normalize your experiences and in turn reduce feelings of shame, guilt, or inadequacy surrounding your own struggles.

Number 7 - You can meet life goals more quickly and efficiently. Sharing your personal goals with a group can help you feel more accountable, increasing the chances of success.

Number 6 - Building confidence is less painful. An effective group therapist can help you take safe risks to practice new relationship skills in real time. Skills learned and practiced in the group can then be more effectively applied to various “real world” situations, thus enhancing overall mental well-being.

Number 5 - You don’t have to choose between feeling good and saving money. Group therapy is often more cost-effective than individual therapy, making mental health care accessible to more people. Dozens of studies have found no difference in the effectiveness of group therapy compared to individual treatment formats.

Number 4 - Helping others helps you. Experiencing altruism in a group can boost self-esteem and improve your sense of meaning and purpose when you discover you improve the lives of others simply by being who you are.

Number 3 - Learn from someone else’s mistakes. Simply observing other people interacting in the group can teach you better communication skills – both what to do and not do. Likewise, sharing in another’s successes can inspire hope and motivation.

Number 2 - Don’t worry, be happy. People who develop and sustain healthy relationships are happier and healthier – dozens of studies support this.

And the Number 1 Reason Group Therapy is Awesome, is . . . .

You get to be the narcissist for once. In a group you often receive genuine support, empathy, and validation from peers who share similar struggles. Healthy narcissism can foster better understanding and connection with others, and reduce personal isolation.

group of people at conference table celebrating how amazing group therapy is

© Philip Lewis (2023)


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