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Can Embracing a Growth Mindset Unlock Career Success?

Updated: Feb 17

By Philip Lewis, MA, AMFT

How someone views their own abilities and limitations can play a crucial role in whether that person advances in their career or remains stagnant as others pass them by.

According to Dr. Jud Brewer, an addiction psychiatrist and neuroscientist specializing in anxiety and habit change, how well you deal with any life challenge depends a lot on your worldview, or “mindset”. People with a “fixed” mindset are more likely to have difficulty advancing in their careers because they tend to see their own skills and abilities as unchangeable – you’re stuck with what you’ve got and just have to make the best of it. They dread failure, viewing it as merely highlighting their personal shortcomings. But those with a “growth” mindset believe they can always improve themselves. They actually welcome adversity as a learning opportunity, an avenue for improvement and growth. Their mindset helps them blaze a career path with endless possibilities.

Which one are you?

People at conference table celebrating their growth mindset
Individual Success is Group Success!

Reference: Brewer, J. H. (2020, Aug. 18). 3 steps to move from a fixed to growth mindset (Why some flourish in uncertainty and others fail). In The Dr. Jud podcast.

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